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As KPP, we aim to discover and put out unconventional and challenging projects, moving from classic design to experimental. Below, you can find the books we worked on so far: an upcoming release in limited run and a book we layouted and financially help to publish and distribute via big retailing platforms


The Book of Beauty

Steffen Klessen and Wallis May Streete

 A compelling collection of black and white photograph and a selection of poems matching each of them, carefully  curated by photographer Steffen Klessen and poet Wallis May Streete. 

An exploration to the core of beauty, and the way it manifests in nature, with the smallest details 

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Sanam Vefqi

Author / Poet

Sanam Vefqi was born in 1988 in Iran. She has had a passion for imagination and words since her childhood. After various attempts in the fields of fiction, poetry, and novels in her teenage years, she began her literary career in her twenties. In addition to composing poetry, she has also translated poetry, and two books of her translations of Percy Bysshe Shelley's poetry into Farsi are ready to be published in Iran.
The natural and feminine elements are inseparable from her poetry, and the themes of her poems include topics such as existence, love, loss, anxiety, and the creation of poetry. She thinks poets and artists have no choice but to create, just like a pregnant woman who has no choice but to give birth to a child.


Roozbeh Jalil

Artist / Illustrator

I was born in 1988 in Iran and currently live in Tehran.
I graduated in materials engineering and am fascinated by art and its impact on life.
My main artistic activity includes drawing and painting.
For years, I have been trying to reach what I have in mind,
sometimes I got close, and sometimes I got far away.


Steffen Klessen

Documentary Photography

Steffen Klessen was born in the late sixties in Germany. His educational background is in forestry and environmental science. He moved to Canada over twenty five years ago and live now in a small rural village in eastern Ontario near the capital City of Ottawa, currently self employed, working as project manager and builder in the local construction industry.
Photography and art has been a passion for a long time. 


Frances Bukovsky

Photographer, multimedia artist

 b.1996, she/they

Frances Bukovsky is a lens based artist and photographer who was born in rural Upstate NY and currently lives in Port Salerno, FL. She earned a BFA with Honors in Photography and Imaging from Ringling College of Art and Design in 2018. 

Identity, family, place and memory are linked to the experience of chronic illness in Bukovsky's work where she pries apart daily routine and intimate spaces to explore her relationship to physical and mental health.


Thymournia (Ali Sheikhaleslami)

Visual poetry

​Thymournia - Ali Sheikhaleslami is an Iranian artist (35 years old). He earned a BA degree in Photography from the Ministry of Culture and Art in 2016. He has started his career as a photographer 22 years ago and as a writer 15 years ago.
His art, deeply personal and honest, is a reflection of his experiences and feelings, speaking of grief and death, sorrow and melancholy. To convey the very core of the feelings and the images that come across minds and hearts he is pairing the photographs with poems in order to enhance both and to give the viewer and reader the experience of visual thoughts. His words show, his photographs talk.
As an author, in creating Fall of the Raven, the artist shows the equality between words and photos, a story being the result of them together.


Michala Norup

Film photographer , fine artist 

Born in 1969, lives and works in Copenhagen. Member of DKF Danish Visual Artists. She works entirely in analogue, researching on light by capturing atmospheric ethereal photographs in bnw of herself and her surroundings. 

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